Friday, November 4, 2011

Hum Along to NaNoWriMo

For you dedicated WriMos, here's a song to kick off your writing weekend. The clever music video had me laughing at the young writer and her determination to finish the month with 50,000 words. Can you relate to her?

Thanks to Lauri's Blog for bringing this catchy little tune to my attention.


  1. Hah. This is great! Thanks for sharing.

    Yeah, no life at all this month outside the laptop. [g] Can totally relate to this girl. This is my first time doing NaNo, and consistency has never been one of my stronger qualities. [cough] I'm still learning what it takes. It's hard!

  2. Ha ha, awesome! I really needed that. Only now the tune is stuck in my head... :D

  3. " writing really sucks." Funny stuff! Thanks for the video! It's got me psyched!

    This is the first year I'd heard of NANOWRIMO. Knew it was too late in the game this year for me to throw myself into it. I have to let it sink in a bit with... well, ME and that little ankle biting writing demon that's always telling me I can't do it and yes, that my writing sucks.

    So, instead I have challenged myself this November to keep up with my writing in another way. I am resigned to keeping up with OTHER writers and their progress by being supportive, while immersing myself into the world outside of my own! Wish me luck! (;

    And for all those Brave souls who are Day 4 into NANOWRIMO... YOU WON the moment you signed on to this challenge, albeit craziness!

  4. That's funny! I'm still trying to put together a post to participate in the NaNo songfest!

  5. Thanks for the link - and good luck with your writing - no matter what the word count :)