Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life, Whatnot

Kristen here. I'm dropping in on Claire's day for just a moment to say that we at ATWOP are aware that we've been...shall we say a bit lax about posting these past few weeks. Blame it on life, whatnot. It happens from time to time.

In the meantime, I wanted to mention two things.

One, I've got a short story coming out in conjunction with FIRELIGHT. It's called EMBER, and it will be released in ebook form on February 7th I believe.

See the cover hanging out in left field? Hey there, Miranda! :)

And here is the cover copy, fresh from my publisher.


After a fire consumes the Ellis family fortune, the beautiful and resourceful Miranda finds herself faced with an impossible dilemma: enter a life of petty crime or watch her family succumb to poverty. But once her fiancĂ©e learns of her descent into danger--and of the strange, new powers she’s discovered --saving her family may come at the high price of her heart.

When his one chance for redemption is destroyed by corrupt London antiquarian Hector Ellis, Lord Benjamin Archer vows to take what Ellis values most—his daughter Miranda. Forced to hide his face behind masks, Archer has travels the world hoping to escape the curse that plagues him so that he might return to claim his prize.

But once Archer returns home to London, will it be revenge he seeks? Or will the flame-haired beauty ignite new, undeniable desires?

Heh. Fun, eh? As soon as it is up on various book seller sites, I'll provide some links. ETA: the link to pre-order Ember on Amazon is up! Here!

Secondly, as I head out into the wide world of publishing, I'm also starting a personal author blog. You can find it here. This is blog will focus on my books, and more personal topics. If you'd like to come and visit, I'd be thrilled, and promise to put the kettle on. :)


  1. Your new website is gorgeous! I'm following you there and you're on my blog roll. I'm so excited about you new story and book! Go, Kristen, Go!

  2. Can't wait for those links, Kristen.
    Off to check out the blog!

  3. Loving your blog my dear, and loving the fact my reading for February onwards is already completely sorted! :-)