Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Lengths To Which You'll Go ...

My seven year old daughter and I went on a mini shopping spree to IKEA recently. She had a list a mile long of things she wanted to buy for her room: a new bed spread, a pretty cushion or two to match it, a bright yellow rug for the floor. But I had only one thing on my list - a set of venetian blinds for my study. I'll show you why ...

See those lovely glass doors? Those lovely glass doors through which my three lovely children can still SEE me when I sit down to write? Well, I hate them. Even though I have explained to, and screeched at, and finally begged my offspring to understand that closed doors means mum is writing and must not be interrupted (with the exception of one of them spurting blood or the house being on fire), the fact they can see me means they think I'm still on duty for everything from sorting out arguments to making milkshakes to finding missing Lego pieces, and they barge on through those doors like they weren't even there.

These holidays, after five years, I was finally over the interruptus maximus. And now, when my study doors are closed, they look like this:

Um, please ignore the fact the blinds are too short. That'll happen when one goes shopping with the child who is the main cause of all the interruptus maximus. I'll go get the right size eventually, but for now, they're working a treat.

So. What lengths have you gone to, to protect your writing time from those who just do not get it?

Oh, and can I just have a moment to say how excited I am that this book will be out in less than a week:

Squee!!!! :-) :-) :-)


  1. Rachel,
    I know interuptus maximus! My study has double French doors as well and they remain open at all times...with the TV on in the next room. My hubby and the pups are the only interuptions though. Good luck.

    BTW I'll join you in a Squeeee!

  2. LOL! Rachel, I know exactly what it's like to go shopping with interuptus maximus x2. I once came home with 12 Venetian blinds cut-to-order, all the wrong size. (I suspect the employee who cut them, but I can't be sure.)

    Hope the blinds put an end to the interruptions.

  3. That's what, for me, getting up at the unholy hour of 5 am is for. I can't write with others around, I have to be alone, and that seems to be the only way I can manage it.

    Congratulations, Kristen!

  4. Well, that looks well and truly sorted now at least! I usually lock myself in :S