Friday, February 24, 2012

The State of Things ... And a Chair

Well, I'm still revising my book. STILL. Eight weeks of school holidays kinda killed the roll I was on, but in a way, I'm glad it did. While I didn't get much writing done, I did a helluva lot of thinking, and since I started back on the regular writing - three weeks of it now - I've made some pretty solid progress. In fact, things are slotting together in ways they never have before, and I'm cautiously optimistic I'll be done with this round of revisions by the end of May. I plan to print out my book for the first time ever at that point and read it through ... after which I'll doubtless curl into the foetal position and sob for a week. Then pull myself back together, do one last round of revisions and then it's off for beta reading. It's sure been a long and drawn out process, the writing of this novel, but what isn't killing me is making me stronger, right?


Anyway, I think I've found something that may help things along.

First, a question: is it a sign that I'm becoming a boring old fart that I get super, crazy, MENTALLY excited about purchasing ... a chair?

Well, in my defence, it's not just any chair. And it's not for just any old room in the house.

Here it is:

My chair of contemplation, in my study, for when I get to those bits of my book where I need to step back from the computer and go "hmmmm."

You like?

I do. :-)


  1. Yowser! I *love* that chair! I kind of want that chair. Also your office. Maybe your house (wg). Bring on May :)

  2. I LOVE that it's a rocking chair! Perfection!

  3. Ladies, LOL!

    I first saw it a couple of weeks ago, outside a second hand furniture shop I drive past on the school run, and it had my name on it, I tell you! The fact that it rocks (literally and figuratively!) and was cheap - CHEAP! - completely sold me.

    And did I mention there were *two* of them? I only had room for one ...

  4. Now *that's* a CHAIR! Wow, Rachel! And the fact that it wasn't $$$$ is a bonus. ; )

  5. Wow. That's a wonderful chair. I could soooo rock in that...