Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Everybody!

It's been quite an unusual Christmas for me this year. Due to a severe winter storm warning, my family decided not to travel to my grandfather's house until Sunday. While I sort of bemoaned this decision at first, it was probably the right one as this morning I can barely open my door -- the snow is that heavy outside. It's beautiful and all, but I don't see myself going anywhere today. big plans do NOT include a big yummy dinner or time with family or friends. I've decided to go to my other "home away from home." I will be catching up on some reading.


Okay, I'm trying not to get down at about this whole thing -- it's weird being home-locked this way. But I'm trying to remind myself that Christmas will just be a little late this year.

At any rate, I have plenty of books to read (lord knows I have PLENTY of books) and already dug in yesterday by finishing off THE LOVELY BONES by Alice Sebold and BLISS by Lauren Myracle. I think I'm going to tackle CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins next. I'm almost afraid to read it, knowing the final installment doesn't come out for several months. After that, who knows?

I should probably be working on my own book -- but it's Christmas. No need to do any sort of work if you ask me. Even writing. :)

I've decided to post a music montage (you know I love me a good music montage) of the movie Home Alone. (How fitting!) This has to be one my all time favorite Christmas movies--I know it's not overly sentimental, but it totally hits my giggle button every time I see it. Macaulay Culkin is so dang cute and it always puts me in the Christmas mood. Plus, it always makes me miss CrunchTators! (Remember CrunchTators??) Yummm.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone! :)

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  1. Hope your Christmas on Sunday worked out well after all! It hasn't stopped snowing over here...
    Yay for Home Alone!