Monday, March 29, 2010

Manic Monday, and Mona Lisa

Ack! I will start remembering that I am the new Monday Gal. I will, I will! Geesh.

Erm, as my house has been overrun with little kids on Spring Break, I will have to postpone the second half of my *cough* sex scene post. I might be able to come back later tonight. In any event, I've had a visit with Ms. Persnickety. Having read a new book, she wanted to share her thoughts on it with you all. :)

Ms. Persnickety:

I picked up Mona Lisa Awakening, by Sunny, off Amazon through some searches for “Goth” and “romance” and was drawn in by the non-cheesy black and white cover art. I think that distracted me from the other category it was labeled under of “erotica”. Whoops!

Mona Lisa is a nurse who can heal with her hands and diagnose and stuff, but who feels like there is more to her “powers”. Enter Hunky Man #1: Gryphon. Gryphon is in the hospital with a stab wound he got leaving his last paramour Queen Mona Sera who turns out to be Mona Lisa’s mother! It’s so day time drama that I can’t help like it. So Gryph tells Mona Lisa all about their people who descend from a race of total sex freaks ON THE MOON. Well in so many words.

She basically dumps her old life to follow Gryph to the court of the Queens, because guess what people, she is a queen. And what do Queens of MonerĂ© (that’s the name of the Moon people) do? Get freaky with all their men that they rule. This all happens by chapter 2. Mona Lisa doesn’t waist any time at all.

Enter Hunky Man #2. He is a warrior who is giant, fierce and intimidating at over six feet tall with bulging muscles. His umm… unit is giant to match. So big that Mona Lisa wraps her hand around it and her fingers don’t touch. YIKES. What is this bear of a man’s name you ask? Amber. That’s right, his name is Amber. Why are these guys never named Bob or Steve? Here are some other names in this yarn: Chami (short for Chameleon), and Aquila (also a dude). Yeah.

Moan Lisa is a strong woman who takes her queen mantle with ease. Strangely so. Here is what annoys me about her: she goes from normal sounding 21st century woman to sounding like a noble woman from the 17th in a few short pages. She continues to flip flop like this through out the book. Kind of annoying. But she does cut off a dude’s member and then crush it under her heal after she finds him raping a servant girl. Nice one Queen ML!

Poor Mona Lisa can’t decide between Hunk #1 and Hunk #2 so does what any MonerĂ© queen would do. Take them both! Not at the same time you sickos! She is very timid and shy so she agrees to a schedule of being with one of her hunks every other week. Like a lady. BWAHAHAHA!

The adventure and legend of the MonerĂ© is actually interesting. The sex scenes leave nothing out and frankly made my cheeks red. Well some of it was a bit much like when she talks about her “quivering inner sheath”. Give me a break.

This would be a great saucy beach read. Just don’t leave it around for anyone to pick up.

Rating scale:

Blech : would never read it again or recommend you share in my torture of having read it

Meh : would read if I was stuck in an airplane for 5 hours with nothing else to read

Huh!?! : better than expected and would happily pass on

Wow! : will make you read it even if you say “I don’t really read Romance”

I give Mona Lisa Awakening a solid: Huh!?!


  1. I really enjoyed that series. It's fun ;) The spin off series "lucinda somethingorother" I didn't much care for.

  2. Love these reviews! They might tempt me into picking up another romance novel soon...