Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My new writing buddies

We had permanent houseguests arrive yesterday afternoon, and they are FAR too distracting for me to even contemplate blogging about anything wise and sage ... so instead let me introduce you to Max and Leo:

Leo is the grey gremlin, Max is the little black devil. They’re twelve-week-old Devon Rexes (kinda odd looking critters, but the only breed of cat to which the DH is not allergic), and they are mentally, hilariously, hyperactive … when not snoozing in a cat-pile, that is. What a life!

The kids are over the moon about their new companions … and rest assured, their writing-buddy training will commence anon. J


  1. Aww... look how snuggly. :D Love those blue eyes.

    DD looks like you, Rach.

  2. Yes, they're snoozing on my lap as I type, purring tiny kitty purrs (SEE why I can't write??!! (g))

    And DD ... ah, a few people have said that, although she definitely has her father's brown eyes. And the whole kitten thing is a bit of a bitter-sweet thing for her ... she loves them, but is finding not being the littlest and cutest thing in the house anymore a little bit of a challenge to the ego. Thank goodness it wasn't two new human babies we brought home! (from my point of view, too!!)

  3. No way you can do anything other than cuddle. :) Aw, I miss my kitty (also named Max). He was such a cuddle-bunny. Unfortunately, the boy is allergic to cat. His eyes swell up like balloons. So now we are a dog family.

    The funny thing is, my daughter has her father's features. Even so, people will say she looks like me -something about her expressions. I think it's the attitude shinning through. *evil g*

  4. Adorable! I want kittens too... Or atl east to go home and snuggle my own kitties :-)

    And welcome Susan!

  5. Shh! You're preempting our big announcement tomorrow (g).

  6. Darling kitties, Rachel! I would love to have a kitty again, a furry-purry ball of love to sit on my lap while I write. *sigh* But we're a dog family and while I love my dog, she's not about to sit on my lap and cuddle.

    (Thanks, Deniz. )


  7. Kristen, Deniz - nothing better than cat snuggles. I've just spent the last hour and a half pinned beneath the two of them as they purred their heads off. :-)

    Susan - ah, dogs are gorgeous, but our family life is so busy we just don't have time to be good dog owners. :-(
    I'm dying to have these two guys in the study with me as I write; however, their first venture into that room today resulted in them trying to chew through every single power cord, so I think they're a way off earning their writing-buddy stripes. LOL!