Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My internet is broke

You know those vows you take on your wedding day, “for better or for worse, richer or poorer …” well, I should have included, “regardless of whether you suck dry my monthly internet allowance by downloading your stupid movies …”

Yes. The DH has used up my entire month’s allowance, already. My plan still allows me internet access, but sloooowed … riiiiight … dowwwwwn … it’s like they switched me over to the version of the internet that’s powered by a little hampster running on a wheel. Means I can’t visit a whole ton of websites, emails come through hardly faster than the letters delivered by the postman … and that Blogger just ate up the post I had ready to go. Fume!

(However, without the internet to waste my time on I've actually got a decent amount written this week, even with the kids home on holidays. Silver lining, I guess.)

So I do apologise, but this whinge is all you’ll get from me this week. I’m hitting “publish” now – and crossing my fingers it works!

1 comment:

  1. Um, I've never quite understood why internet and phones work so strangely in the UK and Australia. Here, we just pay a monthly fee (anywhere from 20-40$) and we get unlimited internet 24/7. Of course, if we download a lot of movies or songs or things we get charged for going over our download rate, but it's a few cents here and there.
    How come you guys can't have that?
    Conversely, I've never understood why we in North America get charged for incoming and outgoing text messages on cell phones.
    The world's a funny place.
    But hey, if it gives you more writing time Rachel, that's great!