Monday, July 12, 2010

A Buffet of Options

Sometimes having ideas is not a good thing.

Exhibit A - New WIP. A historical paranormal romance with a fairy tail twist. Whoot. Cool. Now I've got something new to work on. Which really takes the edge off editing my current manuscript. Because, let's face it, editing and writing new material is not the same. I churn out 40k words during the holidays.

But then we proceed to...

Exhibit B -New WIP A Urban Fantasy/Romeo and Juliet type romance involving demons and natural born enemies. O-kay. I'm not sure where this came from. Only that I had a hankering to try something contemporary and that my natural love for all things paranormal took me toward Urban Fantasy. Great. I can juggle two manuscripts. Why not. 35k down in two weeks. Whoot. Fun times, I'm on a role. The historical? Yeah, I'm working one it, but...but...this one is so much fun right now.


Which brings us to Exhibits C&D

C - Rewrites for current manuscript. This takes precedence because, well, actual EDITORS are asking for it. Not a problem. So my mind is all clogged with A&B manuscripts. That's okay, right?

Only, I'm sitting around thinking of ways to improve C when I happen to watch a show on the Steampunk movement and think hey, I've got a cool idea... and that lead us to exhibit D -Victorian Steampunk manuscript involving time travel and a quest to save the world from modern, 20th century science.


This might not seem like a problem. I certainly am not wanting for ideas or inspiration. But there are only so many hours to the day, and even less time to devote to writing. And while these ideas all get my motor running, it's running thin. I'm too spread out. I flit here and there. Never finishing any of these lovely manuscripts.

This is not something I'm used to dealing with. Usually, one story grabs me and holds on until I'm done. I'm not even sure what my sudden influx of new stories means. Am I stalling? Too unfocused? All of the above?

What I do know is that it bothers me. I want them all done. And now. I'm in love with them all. But who to pick?

Well, okay, that part is easy. Current full manuscript that needs a rewrite is the clear winner. Only, there is this idea...



  1. Oh, Steampunk! Awesome, brilliant, cool ... erm, but I won't ask what it's about, not yet; don't want to distract you from the one that must be done!

  2. You know I'll tell you, Rach. Watch for it in coming emails. LOLOLOL


  4. I'm having a similar problem now - wondering if I should keep plugging away and finish Rose's story or - gasp! - go back and overhaul Austin's story *again* since I haven't had much luck querying...