Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Smatterings and scatterings ...

Apologies in advance for the brevity and randomness of this post … but there’s a very good, writing-related, reason.

You see, I am totally and utterly TIRED.

And it’s all my own fault. After I boldly threw out 31st December, 2010, as the very latest date to get my WIP in good enough shape for beta reading, I thought I’d better, you know, see if that was indeed possible. And I’ve realised it may not be, especially since my last round of re-plotting resulted in me needing to add a whole bunch of really cool new scenes that, ahem, I haven’t yet written.


But me being my anal self, I’m determined to stick to that deadline as best I can. So I’ve been rising at 5.50am, every day, to squeeze in an extra hour of writing, in the hope that will do the trick. Hence I look and feel like death warmed up. Yay for me. L

I have, however, managed to revise my first 12K – so to keep me to this schedule (and so I don’t feel quite so alone in my insanity) I’d love to hear about the extreme lengths you might have gone to in order to snatch that extra time, or find that elusive solitude, in which to write. Enquiring minds, and all …

And yes, I’m about to bang on about our new kittens again, but only to confirm that their writing-buddy training is progressing well. They’ve gone from prowling all over my desk and the laptop, and toppling over my towering stacks of notes and reference books, and clawing the curtains (grrr), to quietly snoozing in the sun patches on the carpet, with the occasional leap onto my lap for a cuddle. It’s very cute, I must say.

And for my final piece of random news … last week my DH asked me what I wanted for my birthday, still quite a few weeks away. I told him all I wanted was a whole weekend to myself, to write. No kids, no interruptions, from Saturday morning to Sunday night. He looked kinda sorry he’d asked - like a diamond would have been easier. So we’ll see what transpires!

So tell me - what’s happening in your writing lives?


  1. Kittens! Don't make me jealous!
    Also, 5.50 is kinda cute :-) Like me, getting up at 6.10. What is it about those extra minutes that makes us feel like we're pushing ourselves?
    You've just got to finish Rachel - think how many of us are dying to read it!

  2. LOL, Deniz. Yeah, the alarm's set to 5.50am so I can have ten minutes lying there, psyching myself up:

    "Nooooo, I just want to sleep!"
    "Stop your whining and get up."
    "But it's cold out there! And dark ..."
    "What are you, some kind of sissy? Get out of bed and get writing, NOW!"
    Stumbles of of bed, grumbling ...

    That sorta thing. (g)

    Hopefully, you won't have too long to wait.

    Hopefully. :-)

  3. Go Rachel Go!
    If I don't get up, the cats start walknig across my back, purring...