Friday, May 13, 2011

A blip in the programming

In case you're not a Blogger user or you just haven't noticed, there have been some strange doings in blogland these last couple of days.

The skinny on it is, Blogger had a bit of a snafu during routine maintenance a couple of nights ago, and for a period there made the whole system "read only", not allowing new posts or new comments. After that, they deleted all posts and apparently all comments made after May 11, including my last one.

Several people have now noted this- don't worry, we're aware of it. Blogger says they'll be restoring those posts and comments, but I've had previous tangles with the system and know to save a backup before I post, so even if they don't, I'll be able to put my missing post back up. I'll give them to the end of Sunday night, then I'll repost.

If you want updates on the situation as it relates to your own blog, visit Blogger's status site here, or Twitter feed here.


  1. Thanks for the tip - I will be sure to save my blog posts from here on in, if I think they're worth saving. Hehe. I didn't lose any blog posts, just comments.

  2. Posts everywhere seem to be okay but all comments from then are gone - and I had a big blog night on Wednesday, visiting all sorts of blogger friends, since I'm in the middle of hosting a contest. Darn it! Last day on the contest is today...