Friday, November 13, 2009

And the winner is ...

Righty-oh. Time to announce the winner of this week's book giveaway!

After a very scientific selection process - asking my five year old daughter to pick a number (g) - our winner is ....


Congratulations, Heidi!

Send us an email at to let us know where to send your prize; oh, and don't forget to leave a comment here, to tell us which one of the three books you'd like.

Congrats again, Heidi; and a big thank you to all who entered!


  1. Whoot whoo!!! Congratulations, Heidi!!

  2. whoo - yipee - I've been hoping to win.

  3. Alright - I picked The Courage to Write:How Writers Transcend Fear

    Definitely an appropriate read for me right now. Although it was hard to pass up People of the Book.

    Thanks a lot guys - I never win anything!


  4. Heidi,

    Rachel's post reminded me of that book -- and how I wanted to read it when she first mentioned it on her blog. And today I just got an email alert saying my library has it ready for me! Whoot, whoo! Can't wait to dive in. Fear is a BIG problem for me.


  5. Congratulations Heidi! *s*

  6. Great choice, Heidi. I hope you find the book as helpful as I did. And Jen, what a coincidence with the book arriving at your library yesterday! You're obviously meant to read it. :-)

    Oh, and Heidi, I have to apologise - the email addy I gave you is the wrong one. Sorry! The addy to email your snail mail address to is . Thanks!