Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stephanie's Friday Book Giveaway Pick

The Witching Hour!

Great choice. I hope its nice and cold (preferably snowy) where you live, because this is a perfect book for curling up with. As with most Anne Rice books, most people either love it or hate it. Hopefully, you'll love it.

Now, let's see what you've missed out on.

Mystery Book X was... da, da, da, daaaahhh....

The Playboy Sheik's Virgin Stable-Girl

Yes, that's right! You missed the read of the century. Smart Bitches, gave it a D-.

Oh, the fun you might have had. Actually, I'm seriously considering picking up a copy for myself. Too intriguing to resist! (g)

Ah, well, maybe next time! Until then...

*Edited to add: did anyone else read the sub-title as, The Royal House of Kebab? Or was that just me?


  1. Bwhahahahahahahaha!!

    Now that's literature! (g)

  2. Yes, isn't it! :)

    Something to think about for your birthday. Hmm... It IS someone's birthday we know... Evil plan taking root... mruwahahaha.

  3. Ha! Sounds good. I could use a good laugh. (g)

  4. Eek! Not kebab, but karides in Turkish is shrimp!

  5. OMGosh! I feel like Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade when the knight tells him (after he selects the Holy Grail): "You have chosen wisely."

    TOO FUNNY!!!

  6. *giggle* I probably would have chosen Mystery Book X had I won. Could've been interesting *g*

    As for the subtitle, I didn't actually notice it until you mentioned it. Clearly my powers of observation are on the blink *g*

  7. Hahahaha! I think you missed out, Lottery Girl. *g*