Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Da Plan

Hey All,

Your girl Tuesday here... Only it's Wednesday, and I'm super late with this week's post. :)

Sorry 'bout that.

Even now I don't have much time to blog... I'm off to Colorado tomorrow for a little vaca. SO excited. I plan to hike... soak in the outdoors... and perhaps do a little white water rafting and other adventuresome things. (Seriously, keep your fingers crossed that I stay IN the raft.) And per my usual, I'm not packed yet...and I'm leaving in.. *checks watch* nine hours. Holy mackerel. I do love to cut things close.

Anyway -- wanted to let you know that I've planned another vacation that kicks off about four days from when I get back. I.E. next Friday PM at 530 on the nose.

Wait for it...

I am taking _2_ glorious weeks off from work. TWO WEEKS...counting weekends, that's _sixteen_ days. And the best part? I have only one goal in mind. WORK ON FAKING IT. Yup. You read that correctly. I'm taking some much needed time off to spend a whole heckuvalotta face time with my book.

I Can Not Wait.

I'm not going to make a grand goal to *cough* FTDB *cough* but I'm going to do my darnedest to get back into the sucker and really make a huge step towards end game. much neglected blog over at Random Thoughts will also be kicked back into gear. That's right. Hold me to this -- I hear by vow to blog EVERY one of those sixteen days. I need some accountability, and I'm going to count on all of you to boo and hiss if I slack off.

So yes... after slaving away and not taking a single day off since last September (!!!!), I'm cutting myself off from the day job and hitting that dang book.

Whoo...wish I could start today. :)

Anyway -- off to pack. I'll post some pics if I manage to remember to pack my camera... :)


  1. I like your plan, Jen! Hope you have fun in Colorado! And take some pictures!!!

  2. Have fun, Jen! And come back ready to write your fingers off! (g)