Thursday, November 11, 2010

Attack of the NaNoStupids!

Deniz over at the Girdle of Melian has written a short story using her favourite NaNoStupids. There are some great discussions going on re the same at the NaNo Ate My Brain forum on the main website.

(def: NaNoStupid- naughty things that creep into your ultra-fast, unedited writing, like typos, bad dialogue, silly tags, odd turns of phrase, hilarious misspellings, repeated words, etc etc).

I thought I'd post this up with my favourite NaNoStupid so far (it's brand new, written today, and I only just found it on the re-read and laughed myself silly). And I'd love to hear yours, too- what's the funniest/ worst/ most frequent one you've found so far?

If your answer is, I don't know, I'm not re-reading my stuff til December, good job! But for the rest of us, dish.

Here's mine- trying to describe my male MC moving cat-like through the shadows, I decreed him, "smooth as a cat".

Ha ha :) There are so many hilarious connotations to that, I don't know where to start- but none of them are what I wanted to convey.

How 'bout you?


  1. Mine was super duper wrong and it took my friend reading it to find it cause I just kept missing it.

    Describing one of my characters rushing to help an injured friend.

    Evie rushed to grab the klit in her frenzy it slipped in her wet hands.

    I must have been really out of it to miss it so many times in a row.

  2. Ha ha! Both of yours are funny. I wrote another one yesterday but caught it while typing. Something about pouring instead of putting.
    I swear, though, if one more person glances at another... well, really. It might be time to take out the thesaurus and memorize some new words for looking. Look, glance, stare, watch, see. Those repeat so often, my wip sounds like an ophthalmologist's examination.