Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NaNo Musical Interlude

It's all about pacing, people. Pacing. Keep writing. Nose to the grindstone. And Steady, steady, steady...

Here's bit of music to help keep up the pace.

Carry on! :-)

-Jen will be along later to check on your progress! (warning: there might be a quiz...)


  1. Darn, the music won't load. I really wanted to see what you would put up.

  2. Hi Sheena. You know, Claire's video pick did the same thing to me. Record companies are a bit territorial when it comes to crossing hemispheres I suppose. The song was Steady as She Goes by the Raconteurs. It has a nice pacing beat for writing. Here is a YouTube link with a bunch of options for the song. :)


  3. Funny, I got to see this song, but like you couldn't watch Claire's. I remember this song though!