Friday, November 26, 2010

The Home Stretch

Hey, fellow WriMo's, are you feeling the burn? Most of us here at ATWOP have mentioned feeling it: the inevitable burnout that comes with such a concentrated effort. Happily, three of our ladies have raced across the finish line well ahead of the deadline and declared themselves Winners on the NaNoWriMo website. Congratulations Kristen, Rachel and Claire! If anyone should have WriMo Burnout, it's these wonderfully prolific ladies.

Even so, I'm trotting along behind these racehorses like a little pony, coming in at just over 30,000 words and feeling the burnout too. I started NaNoWriMo with the intent of finding out how fast I could write and I've learned that yes, I can write fast. I'm just not that fond of what such speed produces. But I'm very pleased to have an additional 30-thousand words in my work-in-progress and a whole new sub-plot as well. NaNo, in that sense, was worth every bit of the pressure.

What about you? Feeling the burnout? Still excited about writing? Ready to take a break and hit editing-mode next month? Whatever your frame of mind, congratulations on taking NaNo by the reins and riding with it. In that sense, we're all winners.


  1. I'm at a little over 17,000 and I'm very happy with my words. The burnout was inevitable, but I'm still going to aim for about 600 words a day in December and plan to keep that up till March. The ultimate goal is a SFD by the end of March...Wish me luck. ; )

  2. Sounds like a great goal, Zan Marie. If anything, NaNo taught me that daily word-counts make great goals and very achievable ones. Good Luck!

  3. Well, maybe not burnout so much as laziness. It was way too easy to do nothing last night and sleep late this morning. Now I'm in bloggerland and it's already 3 pm. Does thinking about Rosa and Baha all day count for anything? Cos that's all I've done so far. At least I might finish knitting some socks today.
    Uh oh - you see? Now that NaNo's over I'm starting to sound like my old self. Must. Keep. Butt. In. Chair.

  4. Deniz, I think you're in denial! It sounds a lot like burnout to me. :P

  5. Ha ha! I don't know what you did Susan, but your message appeared in my email four times. No better way to snap myself out of this denial, huh? [g]
    I was editing all last night and now look - it's already 5 pm and I've done nothing but read all day. Okay, I swear, I'm off to edit now...