Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No Insightful Post From Me Because ...

... my writing buddy is sick. :-(

Leo has come down with feline pancreatitis, and is not at all a well cat. Two trips to the vet including an overnight stay, IV drip, antibiotics, blood tests, anti-nausea injections ... and he's slowly getting better, but when you have to syringe-feed a cat who was once a food vacuum cleaner, you know things aren't good.

(And no, this isn't him on his sick bed; this is just how one sleeps in the study when one is a spoilt cat with a dislike of the Australian winter ...)

Hopefully, he'll be back to making mischief with his brother Max very soon. And sending me good vibes while I write ... I miss his company!


  1. Rachel,
    Oh, poor kittie! It's not a good writing environment when our writing buddies are feeling ill. My two are sacked out at the moment in their favorite places as I work.

    What type of cats are Max and Leo? They are distinctive, lovely boys. ; )

  2. Heh, that's a very nice way of describing them, Zan Marie. :-) They are Devon Rex cats, odd-looking fellows, for sure, but packed full of personality. The breed is quite dog-like in their behaviour - super friendly, even to humans they've never met before; they'd play fetch and retrieve with little balls of paper all day if you had the stamina; they come to meet us at the door when we arrive home from school and work ... and because they have shorter coats, with a few less types of hair than normal cats, they don't set off the sneezes and itching for many (not all, though) people with cat allergies, like my husband.

    He's looking a lot better today, thank goodness; I might even get some writing done!

  3. Poor writing buddy Leo! :( I hope he's feeling better really soon. Sounds like a total suckfest for the little guy, and for you.

  4. I hope the poor guy is better!

  5. Oh no! I hope he's okay. Poor kitty.
    Love the photos :-)