Thursday, October 20, 2011


I was going to write a post about writer responsibility -namely, owning what you say in a public forum, and creating the best damn product you can for your readers.


It's my birthday, and not only am I goofing off all day, I'm feeling quite happy. So instead, I'm going to talk swag. Mainly, my swag. *gg* As in, I haz it, if you want it. :D

So if you'd like any trading cards or bookmarks (such as these) contact me at

This is not a contest. However, I do have some other goodies...cough...Firelight ARCs...cough...sample books, so the first twelve or so requests will find their mail padded with something extra.

Next week, I'll fall back to writing about serious stuff. Well, mostly serious stuff, anyway!

ETA: don't forget to add your address along with your request! :)


  1. Oh! That's lovely...and I wants me some swag. ; )

  2. Happy belated birthday!! And squee for the bookmarks. I love swag [g] Hope you got lots on your birthday!

  3. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late! Yay for pretty swag and happy, happy birthday!

  4. Mmm, bookmarks...

    Also, happy birthday, Kristen!! :-)