Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello followers

I've just discovered (because I'm techno-AWESOME) that you actually need to activate the Followers widget in the sidebar for it to show up there.

And lo and behold, when I did activate it, I discovered we already had several followers- some of whom I know, but several of whom I don't.

So, I just wanted to say both welcome and thank you to our new friends (and our old ones), and ask that everyone who reads this blog and feels so inclined takes the time to click once on the "Follow" button on the right. You can follow publicly, or privately. I believe you need a Google account to do so.

I'd like to tell you that doing this will cause rainbows to erupt from the clouds, and that next time you check under your pillow you'll find an enormous ruby. Or something. But in actual fact, I'm not entirely sure what following is all about- I believe it means you can see updates from this site in an easier fashion, in your Blogger dashboard. First and foremost, it means we like you lots, because we know you like us.

Ever mindful of "practice what you preach", I've signed up as a follower myself, just to see what you guys are getting back.

Two hours and five minutes to NaNoWriMo! I am PSYCHED!! Hope you're all just as excited out there- expect big things from all of us ATWOP ladies in the next four weeks :)


  1. Why hello there, I linked to your blog from the NaNo forums and am now a follower :D
    How, pray tell, do you get that lovely "NaNo participant" badge for your blog?

  2. Hi James! I just had a quick glance at your blog, too :) I wish I had a pantry big enough to write in- it sounds idyllic. Maybe our potatoes can be friends :P

    I found the participant badge at the NaNo site, here:

    You copy it, then paste it into a picture gadget box :)

  3. Great! Thanks Claire, I now have an official badge :D
    Well, I think I can arrange to bring my potatoes to a write-in where they can meet yours :P

    Looking forward to your NaNo posts :)

  4. Eek, they'd probably have to evacuate Fantastic Planet if I brought mine :P Not sure I'll make it to any write-ins, but we'll see.

  5. I'm a follower, but I'm not showing up. Who knows about technology? ; )

  6. Four hours to go till midnight... I'm planning on getting a good night's sleep and waking at 6 am, as usual... now I suddenly have the spectre of NaNo hanging over my head!

  7. Zan Marie--you're showing up, it's your picture that's not. Mine did that for a while and I can't remember now how I fixed it.

    re-NaNo: I'm working tonight, so I'm hoping (fingers crossed) for as good a night as last night and_maybe_I can get my writing done here then sleep for a bit when I get home.