Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Writer's Blok

It's 6pm Wednesday here in my patch of Australia, and a frabjous day it was, for as of 8.15am this morning, the kids were back in school.

{Cue "Hallelujah Chorus."}

I raced the darlings off to school (and yes, I did stop the car to let them out), raced back home, grabbed a pen and opened up the crisp, clean pages of a new note book (plot tweaking time for me today, which I can only do long-hand, for reasons unknown) and proceeded to work my butt off ... and kinda, sorta, forgot it was my day to blog. Sorry about that!

Let me make it up to you with a Jackson Pearce vlog that I snatched from Stet!, which is all about what I should definitely NOT be doing these next couple of months if I'm to achieve my lofty goal of having my manuscript beta reader-ready by the end of this year (OMG, I have no idea how I'm going to do it ... {bites nails})



  1. Eek! I wonder if my own MS will be ready by year's end... not for betas, not yet, but for my own editing purposes... daunting, daunting.

  2. Frightening, Rach. Really. Like, scary. lol. Although... maybe we should make on of those one day.