Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On The Hunt

Your girl Tuesday signing in again. Sorry I missed last week. My time just disappeared on me, and all of the things I wanted/meant to do had to be pushed aside. Namely, I was working my patootie off at work. Hence, no houseparty for Jen. No blogging. No writing. It was a tough week all around, and I'm EXHAUSTED.

That said, I made it a point to sit down and blog first thing tonight.

As I stated, I've not been writing... but for whatever reason, I've been able to squeeze in a bit of reading here and there. Mostly on my lunch break...a few minutes here and there. It's kind of crazy that I've finished off a few books this way--especially with that persistant voice in the back of my head, telling me that I should be writing instead. I'll be honest though, when I'm exhausted, I'm too tired to speak, let alone form coherent passages. Sad, but true.

That said, I have finished a few books... and I'll say this for them: they were pretty good. On the other hand, they weren't GREAT. Most have been fairly well-written, of interest on some level to me (hence the reason I finished them), but nothing has really GRABBED me.

To put it bluntly, I'm in a reader FUNK.

Nothing is really doing it for me in a major way. I haven't found that one book that makes me say, "Just one more chapter! Just one more hour! I have to work in the morning, but I Don't Care! I'm finishing tonight if it takes ALL night!"

Funny, because I was walking out to my car tonight with a co-worker and she said pretty much the same thing. She said she hadn't found that one, OMG, this is a brilliant book in a VERY long time.

Where are they??

Okay, there was a recent standout that I have to cop to -- MOCKINGJAY by Suzanne Collins. Doesn't count because I read it so quickly, it wasn't even nighttime by time I finished. LOL. But yeah, serious page turner. I want something like that...that one rare find that just leaves you breathless with anticipation to see what happens next.

Yeah, I might have to resort to reading old faves, like my co-worker is doing, because nothing I've found recently is hitting the mark. I hope it's just me. I'm sure it is. :)

That said -- I'm open to taking any and all suggestions. Hit me with 'em, peeps... got anything unputdownable?


  1. Book recommendations, oh my... I've been mostly reading research and old YA lately (old old - like Indian in the Cupboard old :-)) so I'm probably not the best person for this...
    You could read the houseparty :-) I just reread it over the past couple of days and woo! what a ride!
    Can't remember if you said you'd read Looking for Alaska yet - it's brilliant!
    Otherwise - looking at my list of books read - I seem to have read a lot of Maugham and Waugh and Sayers at the beginning of the year. Or Calvin and Hobbes :-)

  2. Deniz,

    Oh yes...love, love, LOVE...LOOKING FOR ALASKA. I gave it to you, woman. :)

    And thanks for the suggestions. I actually have a work friend bringing me in a stack of her favorites tomorrow -- and I'm going to bring her the HUNGER GAMES trilogy as well as UGLIES.

    Hopefully something will grab my interest. :)


  3. I know! I'm so glad I read it when you sent it instead of letting it gather dust... about time to read it again!
    Hmm, other ideas... I'll keep thinking...

  4. Got another! He's a Montreal author too - PJ Bracegirdle's The Joy of Spooking series. Just finished the first one and I'll probably go out and get the second one this weekend!