Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NaNo numbers

Here's my NaNo month in numbers, a little early for Thursday, but I'm striking while I have the time.

The book:

Total words written in November: 60,675
Total words sitting in my draft folder right now: 153,871
New words I still need to finish: c. 30,000
Amount of editing I'll have to do when I'm finished: !!!

Number of days I wrote zero words: 7
Number of days I wrote less than 500 words: 3
Number of days I wrote more than 7000: 1
Average words on each other day: 2825
Number of days it took me to hit 50000: 19

Total chapters written in November: 24
Total chapters technically left between me and The End, according to my outline: 7
Chapters *really* left to write, if I include those I skipped at earlier stages: 14
Highest number of completed consecutive chapters in the story: 30
Absurdly high number of sex scenes written: 4, with at least 2 more to go

The other stuff:

Number of blog posts I wrote: 12
Number of NaNo regional forum posts I made: 70
Number of NaNo threads I managed at the CompuServe Forum: 29
Number of posts I made in those threads: Well over 200+

Number of emails sent between the girls of ATWOP: 514 (yep).

Number of NaNo buddies I had: 30
Number of those who cracked the 50K: 14
Total words written by members of the CompuServe Forum: Over 910,000
Total of those words written by the ATWOP ladies: 223,065, or over 20%

The rest:

Number of days worked in the day job: 16
Number of commercial cake/ cookie orders baked and decorated: 3
Number of playgroup committee meetings attended: 2
Number of times I came down with bronchitis: 2
Number of times antibiotics actually helped with that: 0
Number of days on which my unwell toddler vomited at least once in November: 12
NaNo days I managed before my official The End came when my toddler barfed all over my laptop: 26
Number of words I'd written since my previous backup, pre-barf: 58,000
Amount of gratitude I feel to my Apple Genius brother for reviving my vomited-on laptop and all the writing therein: Infinite

Amount of enthusiasm I currently feel for writing: ZERO.

I'm going to be taking myself a little break, just like Rachel, and I think I'll read a good book or two to soothe my frazzled brain. I can safely say that I've never known my characters or my story better than I do right now, and of all the things NaNoWriMo was great for, bringing together all the plots and subplots and letting me see how they worked as a whole was the best of them. Well, that and making me write every day (okay, almost every day).

All in all, a great experience, and I'll most definitely be back next year for more. In the meantime, a little space and perspective is required before I quietly go back to writing my final chapters, revising all the others that need it, and then turning this second draft into a final.

Hope you found it worthwhile, too, and thanks for coming along on the journey with us.

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  1. Hey Claire - which books did you end up reading? Isn't it great to relax with a few again.