Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lazy Linkage

Have you ever been in one of those writing slumps, the kind where you know you are being a big fat downer of a rain cloud, not a lot of fun to be around, and want to kick your own self in the behind, because even you find yourself annoying?

Yeah, well, that’s me. Frustrated that I’m not writing, not being able to summons the enthusiasm to do so, and being an all round pain in the ass about it to all concerned.

So, rather than abusing my blogging privileges and taking my angst out on you undeserving readers, I’m buttoning my lip on my whining and giving you some food for thought in the form of a blog round up, from others in better frames of mind …

At Murder She Writes, Roxanne St Claire blogs about good writing days, bad writing days, and taking the path of least saneness when faced with a writing road block.

Alison Janssen at Hey There's A Dead Guy In The Living Room discusses the perils of letting your concept overwhelm your characters.

Being a writer in the middle of the maelstrom of life is food for thought from Nichole Bernier at Pimp My Novel.

And, on lighter notes, Writer Unboxed gives us the four stages of writing by Debbi Ohi (oh boy, do I relate to this!), and via Pimp My Novel, the quiz you CANNOT afford not to take ...

That's all, folks. Hoping to be back in a better frame of mind next week!


  1. I'm right down there with you, Rachel. Ugh.

    Great links though!

  2. Thanks for the links, Rachel! I especially liked the "path of least saneness" tip from Murder She Writes. It's been working for me, even though I'm still scared sometimes to go off the deep end - Rosa and the others want to go but I keep saying "I want to edit your words not write new ones!" and my excuse is always the same - no time to myself thanks to the day job.
    I'd better stop with the excuses already and write the story she wants me to [g]