Saturday, April 16, 2011

Best Australian Blogs- We Need You!

Friends, countrymen and allies, we need your help!

All the World's Our Page is a nominee in the 2011 Best Australian Blogs Awards, which excites us to no end. The judges will be visiting over the coming week to check out our Australian posts (those by Rachel and myself), but in the meantime we're also fighting it out for the People's Choice Awards.

For that, we need you to click on the image below, and go vote for us. We're on the very first page under All the World's Our Page, so all you've gotta do is tick our box, then click through and leave basic details. Voila!

People's Choice Award

Very little effort required in exchange for us loving you forever. I'm also offering free koalas to those who vote on our behalf*.

Thanks to all, and best of luck to all of our lovely competitors!

*Please note- free koalas may be imaginary only.