Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

This will, of necessity, be a short post. I’m suffering from a nasty head cold, the kids are home on three weeks of school holidays, and it’s winter and it’s bloody cold. Humph.

But really, I’m secretly very happy with this situation. Because due to this alchemy of sickness, lack of need to rush out the door each morning and absolutely no desire to do so because it’s freaking freezing, I have been discovering – and positively wallowing in – the pleasure of writing in bed.

*Disclaimer - not my actual bedroom. You can tell because this one manages to be white without being covered in cat hair and dirty, child-sized fingerprints.

Warm quilts plumped around me. A cat or two curled against my side. A steaming cup of mint tea on the bedside table … ah, bliss! I wrote in bed until a very obscene hour today, rising only to throw cat food in the cats’ bowls and cereal in the kids’.

Very Barbara Cartland of me ...

... but I’m loving it.

So tell me. Where is your most indulgent, most enjoyable, place to write?


  1. it's not so much a where as a how.
    cup of coffee. wordless music. a pad of paper beside me so i can jot down any distracting thoughts of bills that need to be paid or errands to run.
    a picture of my next project sitting in front of me.
    a window filled with dry erase quotes, plans and motivators.
    a guitar nearby just in case.
    and an 1828 dictionary sitting on my desk.

  2. Definitely bed, too. :-)

    Feel better!

  3. That bedroom is so gorgeous. Wish I could write there... But then, I do like having my cats beside me. So, yea, does that writing bedroom come with a cleaning lady? [g]

  4. Oh my goodness, I want that bedroom. Hope you're feeling better this week!

    I like to curl up on the couch in a quiet, empty house to write. I don't get it often, but it's great when it happens.

  5. I want to sit somewhere beautiful so that when the fidgets hit I can get up and walk. No one else around so I don't have to stop when I get in the groove, plenty of good and easy to prepare food in the cupboards and fridge, and just time to be and take it all in.

    Writer's retreat anyone?

  6. @ Jonathon - Your writing space sounds inspiring and divine. Especially the guitar. My piano is too far from my writing space to easily tinker on, but it is wonderfully relaxing when I do, and a great way to get the creativity flowing when the writing isn't.

    @ Jill - yeah, I did some more bed writing on Friday. Bliss. Kids go back to school next week which means no more lazing around for me, so I'm making the most of it whilst I still can. :-)

    @ Deniz - oh, absolutely, it's a fantasy bedroom so it comes with whatever you desire - cleaning lady, breakfast lunch and dinner served on silver platters, masseuse for when your neck cricks ... (g)

    @ Claire - bah, was feeling better, then sinusitis struck today. A pox on winter! :-( Oh yes, that magic ingredient to any writing haven is that it is EMPTY of everyone else but you. Hope you get some more of those days on the couch soon. :-)

    @ Jill - Ah, that sounds perfect! Don't forget the butler and the maid and the house keeper, oh, and the barman to mix up cocktails when it's pens down time. Sigh. One can dream! (g)