Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lazy Linkage

Well, I'm happy to say that finally, finally, the light is glowing brightly at the end of the vacation tunnel, and school is back tomorrow! *fist pump* Whilst I've really enjoyed the company of my offspring the past three weeks, once they walk out the door tomorrow morning I'll definitely be doing me a happy dance ... and then crawling straight back into bed to try to rid myself of the sinus infection that has definitely outstayed its welcome. >:-|

But the imminent return to school has meant this week has disappeared in a flurry of last minute organisation (nothing like being on the ball, ahem) such as shoe shopping (Child #1 very inconsiderately grew a whole shoe size in less than eight weeks and is now well and truly into men's sizing, to the pain of my credit card) and the purchase of school supplies (Thumb Drives! I've lost count of how many the kids have lost this year - or how many have turned up in the washing machine. Grrr) and new lunch boxes, and food to put in said lunch boxes, and ... well, you know where this is going. There's no blog post from me today. :-(

But I do have links.

How To Wield Backstory With Panache via Nail Your Novel - really useful practical tips for analysing how well (or otherwise) you've layered the dreaded but necessary backstory into your book.

Lisa Kilian's amusing take on how she managed to take the pressure off by refusing to stress about being published, on her blog, What Not To Do As A Writer

And the slightly silly ...

From BibliOz, find out which books were NYT best sellers the day you were born (The Day of The Jackal and The Exorcist were on the list when I drew my first breath. Who did you score?)

And for those of you who, like my household, are pining for the return of Dr Who to our screens, a little something to get you through - the Tardis Cafe!

Have a great week!


  1. Great links Rachel, especially the What Not To Do. And wow, I had some great authors on my birthday list - King, Vonnegut, Theroux, Herriot, even Steve Martin. And Sophie's Choice.

    I want to visit the Tardis Cafe!

  2. Love the links, Rachel!

    The birthday list was a hoot. #1 was a disappointment though - Danielle Steel! But there were a few from King, one from Clancy, and then Sidney Sheldon at #2...oh and one from Dr. Seuss near the bottom...

  3. I got the Agony and the Ecstacy on my birthday list,but other than a Hornblower, i didn't recognise any of the others.

    Just like to point out.... drum roll.... this is the first time I've ever actually caught up on the feed from your guys blog and been up to date on reading and posting.

    Good luck with getting over your sinuses Rachel, and I'm hearing you on the school holiday thing.

  4. Good luck with the last minute rush!