About Us

On opposite sides of the world, three Americans and two Australians toil away at their keyboards, spinning tall tales, reinventing history, and randomly killing imaginary people as they write their way toward publication.

Having met through the online CompuServe Books and Writers Community, the five writers of All the World's Our Page have become the closest of friends, supporting each other through plot twists, character demise, deathless and deathly prose, outlines, chunks, terrible first drafts, query letter hell, and all other parts of the writing process.

So, come pull up a comfy chair and settle in for a good gossip. As you travel the road with us, you'll laugh, cry (happy tears preferred), and hopefully learn a thing or two about writing as well. 

We're on the road to being published. Come along with us.

Check out the individual tabs to learn more about each of us. And if you'd like to drop us a line, feel free to email us at All the World's Our Page, or visit our Facebook site.

Unless affected by plagues of flying monkeys or other acceptable disruptions, you'll find the following people blogging on the following days:

Monday- Claire Gregory (Australia)
Tuesday- Jennifer Hendren (USA)
Wednesday- Rachel Walsh (Australia)
Thursday- Kristen Callihan (USA)
Friday- Susan Montgomery (USA)