Friday, October 16, 2009

Book Give Away Winner TBA at Noon

Hello fellow writing junkies,

Today is the big book give away. We’ll be announcing our Beeg Weener at noon (EST). Can you feel the excitement? The tension in the air? No? Well, maybe you don’t realize what you’ll be receiving should you win: Donald Maass’s FIRE IN FICTION.

For those of you who have NOT read anything by uber-agent Maass, you are missing out. Maass’s book, WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL, has been inspiring writers for years. Like a jolt of coffee and a good slap in the face, WTBN offers a wealth of ideas for writers to take their work to the next level and reminds them to stop being lazy with their craft –as we all tend to do now and then.

FIRE IN FICTION takes it one step further.

Here; read the product description:

How do widely published authors keep their stories burning hot? Learn how to supercharge every story with deep conviction and, conversely, turn fiery passion into effective story. The Fire in the Fiction shows you not only how to write compelling stories filled with interesting settings and vivid characters, but how to do it over and over again. With examples drawn from current novels, this inspiring guide shows you how to infuse your writing with life.

How could you not want/need this book?

Well, one of you need not fear, you’ll soon have a brand new copy of your very own.

So stay tuned, we'll be back a noon!

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