Monday, October 12, 2009

Google Reader

For those of you adding us to Google Reader (because you TOTALLY should be doing that, you know- or at the very least bookmarking us, or calling us your Favourite, or that sort of thing), you'll probably discover about twenty very random posts made by us over the last week as we've been testing different formats and templates. Ditto if you RSS our comments- there's an awful lot of weird randomness in there :)

We're working on deleting all that so as to maintain our *cough* respectability, but in the meantime please, add us to Google Reader- and Mark All Posts As Read. Recommended for your sanity and ours.

Snarky comments on this post will not win you a book


  1. Bwhahaha. We're so busted for the dorks that we are.

  2. I'm counting on the collective you reading every single comment left for you, as there's nowhere particularly relevant to leave this: just weighing in as the resident web developer to let you know that your layout is a bit broken in Internet Explorer 7.

    The links are underneath the background of the following background, meaning you can't see what they are, as per the link. Blog Layout, IE7.

    I don't know how much control you have over the layout, but it's probably worthwhile having a stab at fixing it.

    Love the concept!