Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A few announcements and a big SQWEEEE!!!

All righty, then! First up, the serial.

It appears that we're going to go and find this Ripper and see whodunit. Which means I've got to get my butt in gear and follow Jen's most awesome installment of our series. Ack!

And now, for the BIG SQWEEEEEE!!!

We ladies at ATWOP are super hugely excited announce that we have secured an interview with one supremely talented, award-winning, and -may I say- very generous author. Ack! I can't tell you how much of a treat this was. Hmm... I'm thinking WHO it is will be a surprise for now. Yes, I'm that sick. Mruwahahaha. But, just to be fair, I'll give you all some clues. Leave your guess in the comments section of this post and you get a chance to win one of said writer's books. :)

And the clues:

1. Two of the ATWOP ladies have her listed as one of our favorite writers in our profiles.
2. She's won a RITA.
3. She writes historicals
4. She has a new book coming out

You have until Friday to guess. Winer will be drawn by random number pick.

ETA: The actual interview will be put up on Friday. YAY!!


  1. Hey Jenny,

    Not Jo. But that's a really good guess. Even so, you're entered!

  2. Squeee indeed! But uh oh, I was going to guess Jo too!

  3. Is it Deanna Raybourn? Just poked around her website, her books look Goooood!

  4. Shoot. I was going to guess Jo, too.

  5. Number me among those who were thinking Jo Bourne. So, Deanna Raybourn? I remember looking at her website, following comments here, and thinking her books look great. Unfortunately my local library has yet to discover her...