Friday, February 12, 2010


Ah, Love, l'amour... I just can't get enough. And seeing as Valentines Day is on Sunday, what better time to do a tribute to that oldest and most heady emotion love.

My stories all tend to have a love story in them because the act of falling in love, with all its dizzy highs and agonizing lows, is probably the single most significant experience of our lives. Quite a statement, but I'm prepared to defend it. *g*

Lately, what interests me most is not the simple fiery rush of attraction, but interplay between a couple. What makes one particular couple so compelling to us, when others fade into the background? For me, it is the way they communicate. I love couples who are equals, concede that they are equals, yet may not always see eye to eye. They may fight, may one-up each other, but the love and attraction and respect they feel for each other is always evident.

One of my all time favorite couples is Nick and Nora Charles from the Thin Man movies. I love their witticisms and the way they work together. They may be wise cracking the whole way through but you know they've got each other's back. So, in honor of Nick and Nora, here is a little clip of some of their best lines. Enjoy!

God, if I could write dialogue like that!

What about you? Who are your favorite couples of all time? And why? Inquiring minds, you know. :)

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  1. Hey Kristen - that's a good point, about interplay. I recently read a book that had a scene showing the first time a boy and girl held hands with each other. They were each other's first crush and they'd finally gotten together. What with all this adult romance and bedroom scenes and so on, I think we sometimes forget how terribly terribly exciting it is for the first time to even touch the hand of someone you're attracted to.
    I'd like to have my first-time scenes have a little of that atmosphere...