Wednesday, February 10, 2010


(view from my front door on Monday -before second blizzard)

Snow! It’s all anyone living in the Washington D.C. can think about at the moment. Since Friday, we’ve been pounded with not one but two blizzards. I opened my window today and, wow, it was snowing so hard that I expected to see one of Santa’s elves blow by screaming “Rudolf!!! Help me!!”

It almost never snows like this in D.C. My friends and I have taken to call this the Snowapocalypse, Snowmageddon –the four horsemen are expected to arrive any minute pulling sleds. Drifts of four to five feet, high winds, white out conditions… and I love it!

I’ve always loved snow, the way the whole world goes so quiet that your senses become hyper aware. You can hear the sound of your breath chuffing in and out, the beat of your heart, your boots crunching underfoot. The stillness of it as if the world has come to a stop. It brings a sense of peace. Now, of course, in a true blizzard, like the one that’s ragging outside my window as I type, you best get inside. It hurts when that snow comes slanting at you, biting your skin.

Is all this snow an inconvenience to people? Sure. But there is something wonderful about being holed-up in a big snow. You’ve gone to the store, your kitchen is fully stocked with goodies, the fire is crackling away in the hearth and you can just be. No place to go, just lay back on your couch and watch that white fluff fall and turn the world into a white crystalline wonderland –well that and get the kids their tenth cup of coco.

Snow or not, I think all of us need to take that time out to just be, to appreciate the stillness. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard gripping about the snow this week. What a mess, no school, no work. Actually, I’ve never understood these gripes. And I suspect that half of the time people are just saying what they think they ought to say. We want to look responsible, proactive, blah, blah, but there is intrinsic value in letting yourself relax. We all need a recharge now and again. And that is one huge bonus of the snowstorm –a forced break. *g*

(me and the kids taking a walk -note: I am wearing the world's largest, puffiest coat; the only coat that would go over my cast. LOL)


  1. Kristen,
    I didn't realize you are located in DC! I'm in Northern Va. It is windy as blazes at the moment. I’m enjoying not having to go anywhere and no work.

  2. Hey, Rhonddalyn! Yep, I'm in Kensington, MD. Isn't it windy? I'm loving it too. I've been tucked up in my office, drinking coffee and writing while it howls away outside -and how convenient that the scene I'm working on involves a blizzard! A nice hot bowl of soup for dinner and then curl up on the couch with the hubby later tonight. Gotta feel the moment, no? :)

  3. Hi Kristen ~
    I am just up the road in Frederick County, MD. The weather has allowed my family to slow down a bit, not rushing to indoor soccer or basketball or scouts. And I've been impressed with the kids' creativity when it comes to entertaining themselves. It's been a lovely break, but it can stop snowing now. ;)

  4. Kristen, your snap has me green with envy, having just sat out (yet another) three days of 100F heat. I am well and truly dying for winter. Sigh.

  5. Sallie -yay, it stopped! Now for the hours of digging out. :P I'm just wondering when the kids will go back to school.

  6. Rach, it is just too weird to contemplate. lolol. I'm freezing my butt off here! Bring on some heat! :-D

  7. I can't take it! Not only are we not getting any snow this winter (well, it snowed a bit last night, finally!) but we never even get proper hot summers anymore either.
    I want a snowstorm that holes everyone up for almost a week! I want cocoa and time to read!
    Alternatively, I want 40C heat and sunshine!
    That's it, I'm moving!