Monday, April 5, 2010

Love Scenes Question

Hey all,

I have promised to post on the technical side of crafting love scenes. But before I dive into that, I thought I'd put up a little informal fact gathering post. So I'm asking you (whoever might be here in the next few hours) what love scenes have you read that make you go "whoot"? :) Hopefully, I'll have read said love scenes and have the book on hand, and we'll deconstruct them. Otherwise, I'll choose my own.

I've got two kids home today (damn you, Spring Break!) so I'll be back later in the day with the part two of this post. Until then, leave a comment on anything and everything you like or dislike about love scenes. Censors are off in this arena. Whoot! :)


  1. Hmm, besides the Outlander series you mean? Turtle soup, anyone?
    Full love scenes or even YA scenes? The Miracle Girls series features wonderful scenes of the tension and excitement of just holding hands, or a first kiss.
    Otherwise... Lady Chatterly's Lover comes to mind. Or anything by Jo Bourne!

  2. In Outlander (you knew you'd get some of these didn't you?) It isn't a love scene per say but I love the scene when Jamie and Clair just get to the castle (I can't believe I forgot the name of it right now) and she's crying and he sits her on his lap to comfort her. There is something about the tension created in that scene that I really like. And of course the first love scene after they are married.

    I agree with Deniz also - Jo Bourne is master.

    I can't think of any right now but maybe it'll come to me.