Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Maddy-Sue, Is That You?

Subtitle: A Chicken and Egg Story...or Rather, A Jen and Maddy Story: Who Came First?

(I'm taking a bit of a break from the copyright posts. I'm really having fun with them, but I can't track down a particular set of class notes that I need to continue on with the series. i.e. the ones that correctly explain a few of the more complicated things. So far I've been going off memory and my memory is complete crap. No need to push those limits and start spreading falsehoods. (g))

Instead, I would like to talk about something that has been....well, not exactly troubling, but amusing me as of late. That would be this:

In this crazy journey called life, I've been called a lot of things... the names and insinuations are vast and numerous, most of them nice, most of them said with love and the intent to tease... The most recent of which has me cracking my shit up every time, because the more it's said, the more I realize it COULD be true.

Lately, people have been calling me a Maddy-Sue. And frankly, I'm beginning to believe it. But the question is... Have I always been Maddy...or am I simply becoming more like her every day -- a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. I write Maddy, therefore I am Maddy... Oh the mind boggles.

For those of you who have read FAKING IT...either the book in its entirety or small snips here and there...(Or maybe even large snips...Lord knows I like to share! :))... you probably know a few basic things about Maddy.

1. She's short, has a gynormous set of ta-tas, and seems to attract men like the friggin' pied-piper.
2. She's a bit of a dork... has a very thin filter between what she thinks and says...and tends to make awkward/uncomfortable situations even more uncomfortable by saying and doing completely inappropriate things. This of course is usually hugely embarrassing to her, but seemingly out of her control. And of course, these moments are HUGELY amusing to the people in her life...especially the men, who seem to be even more attracted to her for the fact.
3. She has a total potty mouth. Girl can't think a single sentence without some expletive attached.
4. She has a heart of gold. While she may be a bit...hmmm...judgmental, she always tries to do the right thing. Whether she succeeds is another thing.
5. She's super loyal to her peeps.
6. She's a fair on bit paranoid.
7. She sometimes thinks she's much funnier than she actually is, but somehow that translates to adorable to those around her.
8. Her bark is loud, her bite long in coming, but WATCH OUT when it hits! Heads will roll.

I could go on... she's a great character.

So the question is...how much do I resemble all of this??

I'm almost afraid to admit how much I actually do! LOL. Well, I'm definitely not as cute... nor do I have nearly the success/tribulations she has with men. When I do something silly, it's usually called just that...silly. With a "Jen, you're such a dork!" thrown in. I like to think that makes me charming, but usually I feel the dork in me well up from within and see it as just that. DORKY JEN. I often think people only say WE LOVE THIS ABOUT YOU, JEN because they don't know what else to say... of course, that may be the paranoia speaking...

OMG. I AM Maddy-Sue!

But who came first???

No clue. LOL.

I will say, though, that either way... we're both happy with who we are. Sure, there are things we see in ourselves that we don't like. But all in all, we're happy.

Now, I have to share something that cracked me up so much the other day. It's just ripe for a Maddy moment in a future book. (g)

The other morning I went to get coffee during break. If you're ever in Lincoln, NE, you MUST get an Irish Mocha from The Coffee House. SO GOOD.

Anyway, I've been a bit of a coffee hound the past couple of weeks, and I've gotten to the point where I need it like I need air. So, yeah, I had one in my hot little hands. I'm talking 24 ounces of creamy Irish Mocha goodness, sugar-free (hello, diabetic) but topped off with a healthy glob of whipped cream (hello, no one said I was a saint!). I have said HUGE ass Irish Mocha in hand and push through the exit door, letting it swing shut. It juuuuuuust clips my coffee cup and BLAM! Down the f-cking cup went...all over the front of this new WHITE shirt...and onto the ground.

I just stared at it and said, "That didn't just happen."

Thinking, of course, that I was alone. No, no, no... that wouldn't happen in Maddy-Sue's world.

In Maddy-Sue's world, there's a lttle artsy guy crouched on the sidewalk, snapping photos of The Coffee House. In her world, the guy lowers his camera and says, "Dude, that sucks."


I wish I could say this wasn't true, but it is. That is my world. And yes, you can betchya I'll be pulling it into Maddy's. You CAN'T write this stuff. :)

What about you? Do you cull from your own life...and just how similar are you to your characters?


  1. My MC is definitely an alternate me. A me exploring a few enormous what-if's. Which is a big reason why I may never become brave enough to ever allow anyone to read any of this drivel I've been putting into this SFD.

    That said, my real life is so tremendously tame in comparison... ;-)

    Best to you and yours!

  2. Hey Maddy-Sue,

    Hmm...I don't _think_ my characters are much like me, surface-wise anyway. I have too much fun writing characters who aren't like me -as I find myself to be too boring for fiction. :)

    The closest character I can think of was my first (figures) MC, Molly, only in that we both have a propensity to lose our tempers in an explosive and rash manner. Oh, and I've been told that if you combine the two sisters in WOTM, you'd have me. IOW, I'm apparently crude, irreverent, bossy, and no nonsense. Har.

    But of course, we DO love this about YOU, Jen. (:-D

  3. LOL Jen! Oh to be a fly on your wall .... (g)

    As with Kristen, my life is way too ordinary and boring to foist upon any of my characters - who wants to read about vacuuming and ironing, or running the kids to soccer and dancing and football practice? YAWN.

    So my characters are very different to me - and that's absolutely why I love writing them.

  4. Ha ha! I wish I could cull from my own life, but it's kinda... not worthy. Those around me, however... I get quite a lot from them :-)

  5. Hi Jen, it's been worrying me a little that people might wonder if I am Emily-Sue. I tell you, I've never had sex like her but boy I'd like to. I do however know heaps about mothering and raising a family.
    She wasn't supposed to be me, but.... I could see how she might be.