Monday, April 26, 2010

The Strangest Thing

So I’ve started two new stories. And so it goes that research must follow. Lot’s of obscure research, I’m afraid. But it occurred to me that anyone looking in on my new Google habits and didn’t know why I was Googling said subjects might be a tad concerned for my mental health.

Observe a short list for West of the Moon research:

Sword fighting techniques

Immortality legends

History of birth control

History of plumbing

Nineteenth century medical practices

Nineteenth century scalpels

How to suture wounds

Video on suturing techniques

Untraceable poisons

What happens when your throat is cut-and how much pressure to severe neck from head…

Bowie knives (serrated knives), and on, and on…

And then there is my new WIPs (this was just the searches I did yesterday):

Demons (types, legends)

Demon names

Names of saints

Knives (butterfly, titanium)

Kava Maga (Israeli fighting styles)


Lucifer, Satan, Devil legends


Ninja fighting videos using butterfly knives

Erm…violent much? Just your average whacko’s search list, or a writer’s.

Because I suspect all of you have such lists. A crazy assortment of search subjects that bring us deeper into our made-up worlds.

So what’s the strangest thing you’ve looked up? And it’s gotta be said, no matter what I look up, there is always an answer…how crazy is that?


  1. Those are great lists! And we even overlap in one - saints' names.
    As for the strangest thing... I'm not sure. Maybe pub names in Rome :-)

  2. LOL! I've looked up many of those same things with my crazy research, too, Kristen.
    The strangest thing I've searched for? I think that'd be "blood - how to paint with it." And yes, there was an answer! And examples, including a video of a guy painting a whole portrait with his own blood, from cuts he made in his thumb with a razor ...

    The world (and my search history!) is a strange and wonderful place.