Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Traditions

Well, AKIT is in the works... just not quite finished yet. I will definitely have it completed by Friday, tho, for the normal posting day. Yeah, I might've been reaching by saying I would have it done by Monday. To tell the truth, the past two weeks...months...years...I've done little but work and come home to conk out. Been very busy.

That said, it's MY BIRTHDAY!! And it's time to celebrate a couple of milestones:

1. I quit my second job!!! My last official day was on Saturday night. I may occasionally go back to help out, but I'm off the schedule and do so at my own leisure from here on out. I don't wanna? I won't. Simple as that. This was partially because I didn't want to work 24/7 anymore...and partially because I want to finish my damn book! I've put this off far too long, and I plan to capitalize on those extra wakeful hours to get my butt in chair. YAY.

2. I can still lie about my age VERY successfully. This, my friends, is a very good thing. I told several people that I was turning 24, to mild gasps of surprise. Then I said..Okay, no, I'm really turning 28. That seemed to pacify them. And NO, I won't tell if that's the truth or not. (grin) Either way, it's good to know I can still pass for a younger person *cough* with only mild gasps of surprise. (g)

I don't do a whole lot for my birthdays. There's the usual family dinner with the Lincolnites. Birthday girl/boy gets to pick the restaurant. Then we have cake. OH THE CAKE!! By far my favorite part. :) It's a real low key affair.

This year, I said to heck with it and decided to organize a karaoke party at a local bar. To be honest, it gives me the complete heebs because I haven't sung karaoke in a very long time. Plus, yanno, I'm hoping to have certain guest/s, and said guest/s will make it even more nerve-wracking. (grin)

Other than that, well, I don't plan on doing much. I'm a fairly low key girl, so for this party to even be taking place is a pretty big deal. Hmmm, maybe it's that 28 thing... I'm growing out of my shyness?? Nah...

What do you guys do for your birthdays? And...AND...do you still lie about your age? Not that I do, mind. I'm just curious. (grin)


  1. Happy Birthday, Jen!!

    28 is such a fabulous age. I remember my first five times...

  2. Hey! We have the same birthday! Freaky. Only I just kissed 38 goodbye, which means that 28 is but a fleeting memory ...

    Hope you have a fabulous day, and that by our next birthdays, we will be that much closer to publication!


    Amanda Sellet

  3. Happy birthday Jen! Congrats on making more time for yourself - I can't wait cos I'm hoping it'll lead to more snips :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Jen!

    My birthday is usually swallowed up in my family's November birthday-fest: me, my husband, son number one and a nephew all celebrate another revolution around the sun in that month. So, usually nothing much happens other than I get the night off cooking and we buy take out. :-P

    And my age? This last decade, I've actually had to stop and calculate my age when asked how old I was. Can't remember for the life of me. That will change next year, though, when my birthday will involve a "4" and a "0".


  5. Thanks, Guys! My birthday has continued into this week, which is AWESOME. :) Got a couple of gifts today and I think I've fairly wrung out this year's festivities. (g) At least that's what my friends are saying. "Jen, it's been your birthday for a MONTH now." Hehe. Oh well. You only turn 28...ONCE. *cough cough cough WINK*

  6. Amanda!

    *knuckle bap*

    April 27th rocks! :) And yes...publication, here we come.