Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And here's one I prepared earlier ...

[I’m writing this post at 7am on my Australian Wednesday, just before the bugle sounds and the craziness of getting the five of us out the door begins. I’ll be short and sweet …]

As you all know, I’ve had the kids home on holidays for the last three weeks. While it’s been great to hang out with the monkeys and have a break from the grind of school term routine, my writing has taken a big old nose-dive.

Today, as of 8.45 am, the kids are back in school. And today, while the darlings are out, I have decided I shall do nothing but write.

So, no in-depth Wednesday post on writing from me (yeah, like you were expecting one of them), no shopping, no cleaning, no anything but getting back into my revisions and my book. I know I’m going to be rusty; there will be much, much pain. But it must be done.

To make amends, I’m leaving you with a clip of Eddie Izzard, a British stand-up comedian who just makes me cry tears of laughter. This is his take on the difference between UK and US movies. It’s just brilliant. But be warned – this clip contains more than a few “F-bombs”, and isn’t safe for work or the ears of small children. And Eddie himself … well, if you haven’t yet met him, he’s hilarious, extremely intelligent (what the man doesn’t know about world history isn’t worth knowing), and he’s a transvestite. Expect high heels, sequins and a ton of eye makeup. And laughs… did I mention the laughs?



  1. OMG, Rach, that was hilarious! I laughed the whole way through. But my favorite has got to be the Star Wars bit. Husband is home sick (que multiple moans of agony from him) and this cracked him up -until I pointed out that if he could laugh that hard, he couldn't be THAT sick. ;)

  2. LOL. Glad the patient got some relief.

    And if he liked the Star Wars bit, check out Eddie's riff on the Death Star canteen. Brilliant.

  3. Woo Eddie Izzard! I love the Lego version of Death Star Canteen.

    And guess what! He's coming to Montreal! I'm going with my dad, who, oddly enough, was the only person that wanted to come with me. How can anyone else not think he's funny?

  4. OK Deniz, I am officially JEALOUS!

    Have a great time with Eddie ...