Thursday, March 24, 2011

Best Day

Hey All. Claire has departed for remote areas with internet access unknown. So a bit of filler is needed.

A while ago, I told the story of my best days and it got me thinking, good days, really good days are often like bits of sunshine in our otherwise grey life. Better still, remembering them can bring that sunshine back to us for a time. So why not share them?

Here is where I make you work. Tell me, us, what's your best day? Best moment? Best week? I'm putting the kettle on, taking out a plate of cakes, and settling down in my favorite chair by the fire. Tell us a story, will you?


  1. my best days are every day that I wake up smiling, happy to be alive and ready to strive for the next goal, knowing that I am surrounded by those who support me.

    <3 Gina Blechman

  2. My best days are when I realize--truly realize--that I can do nothing so horrible that my husband will not still love me to distraction. He's the perfect man--for me. ; )

  3. All my very best days probably involve food or travel, which shows that I think with my stomach...but just lately a GOOD day is one I spend without an IV cannula in my hand. Will probably write a post on the joys of blogging from hospital soon. :-)

    In the meantime, mind if I 'virtually' join you for a cake in front of that fire you've got going? Sounds very, very nice...

  4. Aww, Zan Marie, that's lovely. All the more poignant as DH has just left me to attend a conference. Hard to think of my best days when we're apart. One of them, though, was one of our first dates, and involved the St Patrick's Day parade...