Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Oh, the irony that is Jen. Just one year ago, I was saying the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I'm about to put forth in this blog post. What can I say? Things change...I change. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for me to feel things out...and in that time, my opinions do a 180 and I look at things in a completely different light. It is what it is, and there's no rhyme or reason to it sometimes. Yes, I do feel slightly schizo. LOL.

I know, get on with it already.

Well, long story, short..(too late)..I've decided to self-publish my young adult novel BY THE PALE MOONLIGHT.

If you just did a double take at your screen, I don't blame you. It still takes me by surprise, and I made this decision back in February. (g)

Okay... you're probably wondering what brought about this change.

Well, my reasons are numerous, but to hit the main points:

1. I've been reading a lot of blogs by self-published authors... and well, they've made some mightily strong arguments in favor of going independent. To put it plainly, they've made a convert out of me. Do I believe I'll be massively successful in this endeavor? In a word: Maybe. It's a crap shoot at best, and I'm well aware of this. But I do believe BTPM stands up to a lot of what I'm seeing on the market, and it has as much of a chance as anything else. It's good, I love it, and I think others will enjoy it as well. Will that equate to huge sales? Maybe. (That's my word of the day. :)) Trust me, I don't think I'm going to be the next 99 cent millionaire. Money doesn't even compute for me. I just hope people read it! :)

2. For many, many reasons, I'm just not prepared to go the traditional route at this particular point in time. I'm not saying I never will--in fact, I most likely will with FAKING IT. I'm just not ready NOW. Plus, independently published young adult authors are really making a go of it right now...I want to jump in feet first and see if I can sink or swim with the rest of them. In some ways, going down this path allows me the freedom that we all want as writers. I can write what I want, when I want...and if I fail, it's on me. If I succeed, it's on me. I am the master of my destiny. (Mwhahaha). [Okay, not really. Readers are the ultimate master, but you know what I mean.]

3. It relieves some of the unrelenting pressure I feel about writing. The need to be what I think agents/editors will want. It's allowed me to simply tell my stories in the way I think they need to be told. Readers will be the judges of whether or not it's something they want to read. Something they enjoy, something they want more of. It's about them, so why not put in their hands? Does this mean I'm big and brave and unafraid? Heck no! I've seen what reviewers do to authors on Amazon. I'm scared witless by what they might say. But in the end, they'd say it about any author, so I'm no different than those who go traditional.

4. It's..ahem...a bit of an adventure. :) I'm super excited to get this thing underway. It makes me want to write to see whether or not people will want to read my stories. Designing a cover...a book trailer...thinking of ways to promote my book.. It's FUN. Stressful, yes, but so thrilling.

So yeah, that about sums it up. So...in the next couple of weeks I'll be debuting my cover for y'all... hopefully my book trailer if I can get it figured out. [I have a friend working on it as I'm writing this post.] And I'll definitely try to blog about my journey along the way. I hope all of you come along for the ride. :)


  1. Jen, welcome to the shark pond. I didn't say this to scare you. Yes, I understand your reasoning behind the decision. I did the same thing in researching and decison making...except I spent five years hemhawing around. It's a lot of hard work, but comparable to standard publishing.

    I read you over in Books and Authors so I'll continue reading.

  2. Yay! You know, my first thought was, now I don't have to wait for BTPM much longer! [g] I think you'll be a natural at this Jen! Good luck on all the formatting and promotion and all that. If you haven't already, check out Kait Nolan's road down the wilds of self-publishing - she's got a great track record and great advice.
    If I could write as fast as you guys I'd be trying the same road...

  3. Good luck, Jen! I do understand your desire to try it. I know I don't have the stamina to promote myself. If I ever finish my wip(s) I'll try traditional. Then...Well, never say never, right? ; )

  4. @J.L. -- LOL. Yes, shark pond...perfect. :) And thanks! I'm excited and nervous--all at once.

    @Deniz -- It frightens me to think about people reading my book...buying it, expecting to be taken on a good journey. OMG. I hope I don't let them down. :)

    @Zan Marie -- Thanks!! Yeah, the promotion thing is going to be quite the job. I hope I'm up to the challenge. (g) I barely have time to sleep these days, but push forward, I shall. :)

  5. I can't wait to read it - all at once! Good luck, Jen.

  6. Thanks, Tara! All at once WILL be a big deal. (g) Can't wait!

  7. I can't wait to read it, either!

    I'm giving serious thought the self-pubbing - for a reason you mentioned above: It's not about the money; it's about people reading the book. :-)

  8. wow. Big move Jen, but well thought through. Good luck. I imagine you've got a huge learning curve ahead of you but I see no reason for you not to succeed.

  9. Tara -- Exactly! I honestly...yeah..money=NO COMPUTE in my head for some reason. I'm just excited to have people read, and hopefully, enjoy. :)

    Jill -- It's going to be a HUGE learning curve. (g) Oh, but I do like to live life on the edge... lol Thanks!

  10. I made the decision to self-pub in July, and I've already been trade published several times. It seemed like the right time to try something different with my new series.
    I've been blogging about the process for a couple of months, and overall it took three months from almost-finished manuscript to worldwide release in print and ebook. It was a punishing schedule but it's worked out just right.

  11. Simon,

    Awesome news, congratulations! I will definitely have to stop by and see your blog.