Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cover Day!

There are few things more fun for a soon to be published writer than getting her cover art. Okay, better things include getting your hands on an ARC (advanced reader copy) and, of course, getting your hands on the actual printed book.

But I digress. Getting to see your cover is pretty darn cool too! It can also be a bit nerve-wracking as you don't know if you'll love your cover, hate it, or be indifferent. I am lucky and very thankful to my publisher, Grand Central, that I love my covers.

Yesterday, I got the cover art for my second book, Moonglow, which features Miranda's sister Daisy. Moonglow is scheduled to release August, 2012.

Naturally, I want to share it with all of you. :)

So here it is:

There are going to be a few tweaks to this, mainly there will be a nice cover quote added. Yay! Off to do the Happy Cover Day Dance.


  1. Beautiful cover! I love the mystery and enchantment to it. :)

  2. Why are the girl's arms disproportionately skinny? That's disturbing, but I suppose in fantasy world everyone is super model skinny, eh?

    Comment for The Campaign For Realistic Body Types in Literature and the Media

  3. Cherie -- Thanks!

    Linda-- I'm glad you like it! Is your cover out yet? I can't wait to see.

  4. Anon -- Actually, in the book, Daisy is described as quite voluptuous, bordering on plump. So, no, not everyone is super model skinny in my world. Unfortunately, I hadn't turned in the manuscript before the art department went to work on the cover.

    As to the model, here is the actual photo shoot pic:

    As you can see, that is her actual body. There hasn't been any trimming of fat, as it were. Whether she eats her three squares a day, I can't tell you. But I'm disinclined to pick on the woman just because she's skinny.

    Is there an actual campaign? I'd love to see more info on it as I'm all for portraying all types of bodies on covers. I suggest you start at the source and voice your concerns to the publishers. They do listen. Whether they will act is a crap shoot. But perhaps one day...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Kristen -- not yet. My editor has just started talking cover concepts with the art department. Fortunately, we're on the same page with what we'd like to see. Now I just have to chew my nails until I see what art comes up with.

  6. OMG! This is wonderful and a great compliment to the first cover. Your publisher's art folks are *good*!

  7. Another lovely cover, Kristen! You have a talented bunch of people at Grand Central in your corner.

  8. Ooh, gorgeous, Kristen. Love the ethereal green. And the lantern!

  9. JoAnn -thanks! :)

    Zan Marie -- Yes, I agree, it works well alongside Firelight.

    Rebecca -- I'm glad! Thanks!

    Susan -- They are good, aren't they? ;)

    Deniz -- The green and the lantern are my favorites too. :)

  10. Linda -- I had such fun with the pre-discussion part of the process. It is nerve-wracking to wait. Fingers crossed that you get a lovely cover. Though TOR does good work, so I'm sure you will.

  11. That is gorgeous and you can see it is "related" to Firelight.