Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Out For The Count ... and a little Kurt Vonnegut

Oh boy. I've had it. I’ve just written five thousand, one hundred and fifty-six words in five hours, a veritable landslide of words for this plodder, and I’m *reeling*. Feeling very good about it, though, especially as I only have three weeks within which to finish this round of revisions/re-writes (honestly, I think I’ll drop the “revison” label at this point and just stick with "wholesale re-write") before the kids are on holidays AGAIN. It's good to make this kind of headway ... but it means I’m a little too punch drunk to blog coherently. So I’ll offer you this instead: a little humour via Kurt Vonnegut, on the shape of stories.

I'm off for a good lie down. Enjoy!


  1. Rachel,
    That's wonderful! Your output is amazing.
    Then you add icing to the cake in humor of Vonnegut. Thanks, I needed that laugh. ; )

  2. Woot! Great guns, Rachel. That's a phenomenal amount of writing. Good for you!

  3. 1000 words an hour??? Wow. Oh my gosh. Have some strawberries and chocolate [g]

  4. @ Zan Marie, Susan, Deniz - thanks for the cheering - and the chocolates and strawberries - gals! I must stress that I *rarely* write that fast. I think it was a combination of doing a re-write (thus I basically knew what I had to write and I just got down to it) and a good old dose of panic as I watch my child-free writing time run through my fingers ... that'll always get me moving. ;-)